Elkland High School

Gymnasium wood floor systems have evolved tremendously over the past 50 years. The days of non-cushioned floors are in the past. The new systems available vary from low profile fixed resilient to floating resilient floors.

There is a multitude of flooring systems to select from and we can help you navigate through them to see which system best fits your needs and budget.

With over 50 years of experience with successful installations, as well as personally patenting flooring systems, no one can better help you select a flooring system that best suits your facility's needs. We can also assist you with bleachers, backboards, padding, floor leveling, asbestos removal, etc. We can help you put the whole package together.

Along with the many flooring systems to consider there are also other important items that need to be addressed when retrofitting to an existing facility. Here are just a few questions that need to be considered which we bring forward to assist each of our customers in order to achieve the best installation possible. Is there asbestos in the subfloor? Is the floor level? Do ADA ramps need to be installed? Do the doors need to be cut? Do the backboards and bleachers need to be raised or lowered? Does my current floor profile match any of the new flooring systems currently available in order to help reduce cost and meet our facilities budget constraints. Can we utilize the subfloor of the existing gymnasium in order to reduce our cost on the new gym floor?

With over 5 million sq ft of flooring installed sanded and finished we have addressed and successfully handled each one of these questions and situations. Our references speak for themselves.